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When civilians think of private investigation, they picture car chases, smokey bars, and tense interrogations. But as a private investigator, you know that a large part of your day is consumed by tedious clerical research. This research can be repetitive, time-consuming, and draining, especially when you must go through and verify all the data you find.

While doing the leg-work is essential to your vocation, many private investigators and skip tracers want to dedicate their energy to the speed, challenge, and action that attracts many to the industry. Spending time in front of a computer screen searching and verifying data isn’t the glamorous career many were envisioning.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of all private investigators are self-employed. These investigators don’t have an agency or large corporation providing advanced research tools and likely can’t rely on support staff to conduct this work for them. Plus, they don’t have the same budget available to them that those in a firm typically have.

As an independent business, prohibitive costs can eliminate many search options from fitting within your budget. With most major databases locked behind this paywall, quality data is often out of financial reach. That is not the case when you partner with InfoTracer Business Solutions.

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How Can I Find Verified Data
For An Affordable Price?

At InfoTracer Business Solutions, we provide cost-shared access to many of the major databases that large corporations and government agencies have access to. However, we provide them for a fraction of the cost with our use-based pricing.

Private investigation means dynamic demand, and there may be times when a search engine subscription is a drain on your bottom line. We have solved this with our non-subscription-based product line; with no monthly subscription fees and no recurring payments or minimums, you only pay for the searches you make.

By building our own proprietary search technology, we provide data extraction, access, and research capabilities far superior to our competition at a fraction of the price. There are many reports you can access through our search tools, and you only need small pieces of cursory information to conduct these searches.

What Information
is Contained Within These Reports?

Depending on what information you are looking for, our comprehensive reports can fetch a diverse set of data points to fit almost any need. This information includes:

  • Criminal Records
  • Bankruptcies, Liens, and Judgments
  • Phone Numbers
  • Emails
  • Licenses
  • Court Records
  • Arrest Data
  • Address History
  • Asset Searches
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • License Plate Number Search
  • And More!

Our detailed background reports and business reports can help you build a complete profile of an individual or company at the click of a button. Our $1.50 people search relies on data that is updated daily in case private investigators need to find a person or check a previous address or new phone number. Our detailed background report for $20 and business report for $25 will provide you the wider picture you need to connect the dots:

For the low-price of $20, our Background Report will show you (when available):

  • Address Details
  • Phone Numbers
  • Neighbors
  • Address Summary
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Evictions
  • Employers
  • Cities & Counties History
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Professional Licenses
  • Marriages & Divorces
  • Current and Past Property Deeds
  • Property Records
  • Business & Corporate Affiliations
  • Auto-Ownership
  • UCC Filings
  • Aircraft Records
  • Pilot Licenses
  • Hunting Permits
  • Weapon Permits
  • Relatives & Associates
  • Driver’s License Info
  • Trademarks
  • Voter Registration Info
  • Political Contributions
  • Social Profiles
  • Criminal Records
  • And More!

While our Background Business Reports, which cost only $25, will show you information like (when available):

  • Business Name
  • Owner's Name
  • Business Address
  • Owner's Address
  • Agent's Name
  • Filing Dates
  • Consent Files
  • Owner's Profile
  • Public Records
  • Bankruptcy Files
  • Entity Types
  • Activity Lists
  • Partnerships
  • Agent's Address
  • Document Numbers
  • Profit Status
  • Fiscal Information
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Reports
  • State Databases
  • Liens & Judgments

In What Cases Would This
Search Functionality Would Be Beneficial?

With our advanced search solutions, there are endless ways for you to make your job easier and more efficient. We’ve highlighted three significant benefits our products offer to optimize your business and solve common problems with verified data.

Building a Profile and Finding an Individual

Finding people is a staple of the private investigation industry, and our person search can retrieve many details to help you locate who you are looking for. For example, a client who was adopted as a child may want to find their birth parents.

With our search tech, you can utilize verified databases to interview individuals who may know their whereabouts, including acquaintances, former friends, co-workers, and employers. You can also look through public records to find missing information, like changes to names, addresses, or telephone numbers.

Researching Companies or Prospective Business Partners

A company may hire you to investigate another company on its behalf prior to a large deal or merger. While some businesses can appear legitimate and may even have a physical office, employees, and references, things aren’t always as they seem.

Our business reports and background checks can reveal records for licenses, claim judgments, bankruptcies, and any other information you need to determine legitimacy. With this information, you can see whether your client is making a lucrative deal or about to be scammed.

Conducting Background Checks on Specific Persons

Finding out a person’s background is a common objective for private investigators. One scenario you may encounter is someone looking into a new romantic partner or potential spouse. With our products, you can find court filings, divorce details, criminal and civil charges, and criminal history.

You can also find out a person’s financial background and see if they have any tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, or hidden assets. That way, your client can find out who a person really is, and decide whether or not trusting them is a wise decision.

Locate and Recover Lost or Stolen Property

Clients will often ask you to ascertain the location of lost or stolen goods, a task that requires a hefty amount of research. With our product line, you can find relevant permits, ownership documents, and property records to determine various types of ownership.

Make Child Custody Battles Fair

When going through a separation or divorce when children are involved, custody can get messy. Sometimes clients hide assets from each other so they do not become part of the parenting agreement or financial obligations. Use our asset search to locate any property that one person may be trying to hide from court.

Help with Locating Missing Persons

A simple scan of public records can lead to a paper trail. When looking for a missing person, any paper trail can be the break that helps you find them. Whether you are looking for someone who went missing years ago or recently, our person search can help speed your search up.

Forensic Document Scrutiny

In any investigation, accurate documents are essential. Using our search tools, you can go through and search for any records you need, plus you can compare them with the documents you have on hand to flag possible fraud or obvious inconsistencies. You can also verify that you are using authentic documents in your investigation. You can find information on deeds, financial obligations, and more!

From there, you can use our person search to use the details your client provided to expand your search. This search can help you find where the property was last located or the address of the person who allegedly stole said property in the case of theft.

InfoTracer Business Solutions:
Find Anyone and Anything with Ease

A private investigator’s most precious resource is time. The more time that passes, the less chance you have of finding who or what you are looking for. Not only that, but every hour you spend researching and verifying data is one less hour you could be out interviewing persons of interest and piecing together the through-line of a case.

To show how effective our products are, we’re offering new customers $25 in search credit absolutely free. With our pay-per-search pricing structure, that means you can conduct more than 15 Person Searches on us.

If you want access to verified databases and advanced search functionality, don’t hesitate. Try InfoTracer Business Solutions today!

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