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InfoTracer Business - Search Engine for the Financial Services Sector

Search Tool for Financial Services Sector -

Whether you are working in risk management or fraud prevention, having permanent access to the most relevant, up-to-date information on time is vital. Instead of wasting precious time searching, checking, and vetting data yourself, why not utilize our expertise to make the process smoother. We eliminate the costly, time-consuming, and confusing task of manual data search, helping you track down a person or their assets faster. Yes, data is complicated, but we make it easy! By accessing our wide-ranging, highly-detailed database with 5+ billion regularly updated records, professionals from the financial services industry can instantly obtain instrumental contact information, freeing more time for achieving higher standards of performance and customer satisfaction.

Search Tool for Financial Services Sector - 11 Years of Cutting-edge Data Gathering

InfoTracer – 11 Years of Cutting-edge Data Gathering

For more than a decade, InfoTracer has been helping customers to track down people, explore their connections, learn about their assets, residence changes, and uncover the latest contact details. Our state-of-the-art technology, constantly improved databases, and wide access to billions of data records allow financial professionals to concentrate more on their work, rather than struggle with difficult data. Trust us with linking and aggregating the data collected from thousands of specialized private and public data sources. We are here to deal with the complex data you need to drive your success further.

Search Tool for Financial Services Sector - Hassle-free Onboarding, Proficient Customer Support

Hassle-free Onboarding, Proficient Customer Support

Our dedicated and approachable support team is available from day one. And to make sure our services are valuable to your business, we’re offering a FREE $50 CREDIT so you can try our registered search engine and test its features. Take all the time you need to explore and evaluate our data toolsin complete confidence. Once you are comfortable with the interface, you can move toa pay-per-search price that won’t pressure you with minimum commitments or monthly subscription fees.

Search Tool for Financial Services Sector - Our Reports

Our Reports

By sourcing data from public records databases, court filings, or public tax information, our powerful search engine keeps financial professionals safe from dealing with missing or incorrect information. After every search, findings are cleverly organized in ample digital reports with fields such as first name, homeownership status, aliases, assets, last name, date of birth, liens, bankruptcies, relatives, marital status, and more.

Search Tool for Financial Services Sector - Save Time with Custom-made Search Features

Save Time with Custom-made Search Features

Running a search on InfoTracer as the initial step in your forensic routine could uncover a wealth of documents, public records, tax files, real estate records, or court filings that could be instrumental for tracing hidden money or secret assets. By examining all the available data, financial investigators could discover priceless clues about someone’s wealth, including assets and location.

Simplify your research and narrow down financial searches by tapping into our proprietary database that covers records on almost 96% of the US adult population. Update your daily workflow with one of the most exact and up-to-date collections of historical and present data. We provide direct access to any key information your business needs. Our searches cover:

  • Names and aliases
  • Bankruptcies
  • Phone numbers and emails
  • Lienholders, debtors
  • Assets and properties
  • Judgments
  • Criminal records
  • Current and up to 20 years of past address history
  • National and State Court searches
  • US corporate and professional affiliations
Search Tool for Financial Services Sector - Have Access to the Bigger Picture

Have Access to the Bigger Picture

Even when someone’s physical address, cell phone number, or email have changed, we have the right search tools to help finance professionals link, cross-check, and authenticate different pieces of information extracted via numerous sources. By revealing valid contact data, date of birth, business associates, neighbors, friends, relatives and more, InfoTracer can help financial organizations dive even deeper with reverse searches by name, phone number, address, and email.

Anonymity & Data Safety

Enjoy progressive data coverage, validation, and collection without fearing any compromise on cyber privacy. Your direct access to all federal, state, county, municipal data sources, and qualified technology is aligned with the highest SOC2 security compliance standards, keeping you safely informed again and again.