InfoTracer Business – a Dedicated Service for Insurance Professionals!

Public Records Solution for Insurance Professionals - a Dedicated Service for Insurance Professionals!

Whether you’re identifying sales opportunities for insurance plans, tracking claims to investigate potentially fraudulent requests, or identifying risk management strategies, the more data points you get, the more context you have and the more efficient your insurance work becomes. Your intuition, talent, and analytical effort must be supported by specialized search tools that add value to your work while saving you time and effort. Instead of manually going through thousands of different search reports and public databases, use the InfoTracer dedicated search engine to obtain the information you need with a simple search by phone number, name, or email. Now you can get things done faster to focus more on data analysis and connecting the dots.

Public Records Solution for Insurance Professionals - About InfoTracer

About InfoTracer

For more than 11 years InfoTracer has been the go-to search engine for tracking down people, assets, exploring someone’s business or social connections, and uncovering the latest contact information, including changes of name, phone number, and address. Our continuously enriched databases, trailblazing proprietary technology, and access to billions of data records enable our customers to concentrate more on their professional workload. Data is complicated. We make it easy! Accelerate your fact-finding and performance by letting the InfoTracer tools do the laborious, costly, time-consuming, and often confusing handling of data. Count on our advanced search features for linking, and aggregating information collected from thousands of diversified public and private data sources.

Public Records Solution for Insurance Professionals - Prompt Onboarding, Dedicated Customer Support

Prompt Onboarding, Dedicated Customer Support

Our skillful support team can guide you through all the types of searches we offer. To help you explore our intuitive dashboard and make the most of our service, we include a FREE $50 CREDIT. Use it to test the features in support of your own investigation procedures. Assess our service with confidence and once you feel comfortable enough, enjoy pay-per-search pricing that eliminates any monthly subscription fees or minimum commitments.

Public Records Solution for Insurance Professionals - Our Reports

Our Reports

We support insurance agents and brokers by uncovering contact data, date of birth, business associates, relatives, friends, neighbors, and more. This helps them connect and double-check crucial pieces of information from multiple sources. After running an InfoTracer online search, you can immediately access the findings in professional reports stored inyour dedicated Member’s Area, or download and print them as PDF reports.

By tapping into our original database of 5 billion records, covering over 96% of the US adult population, insurance agent scan streamline their investigations and significantly narrow down searches. This collection of both present and chronological data is one of the most accurate and up-to-date in the industry. Make your insurance-related investigations, people search, skip tracing, or business search as effectiveand as well-timedas possible. We ensure rapid access to a wide scope of information your business might need, with searches that feature the following:

  • Names and aliases
  • Phones and emails
  • Family members, business associates, relatives
  • Recent and up to 20 years of previous address history
  • Lienholders, debtors
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Criminal records
  • Arrest warrants
  • Traffic violations
  • National and state court searches
  • Property and assets
  • Marriages and divorces
  • Possible employers
  • Professional licenses
  • Voter registration info
  • US corporate and professional affiliations
  • And More!
Public Records Solution for Insurance Professionals - Obtain the Bigger Picture

Obtain the Bigger Picture

To enhance productivity and successful case solving, trust in our high-tech computing methodologies that source in-depth contact, criminal, and other significant data. Have the answers expertly structured in smart, easy-to-use, informative data reports. And to dive even deeper, we recommend our reverse searches by name, address, phone number, and email.

Discretion Guaranteed

Enjoy top-class data coverage, validation, and gathering without compromising on privacy. The access to our certified search features and the municipal, county, state, and federal databases is infull compliance with SOC2 security standards to keep you always safely informed and updated.