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Search Engine for Accountants

Whether you are a CPA, corporate or forensic accountant, you regularly need to check and locate information. From tracking down someone or their assets, working with account receivables or risk management, and contributing to fraud prevention – finding up-to-date data may be time-consuming, costly, and confusing. Data is complicated. We make it easy! By accessing our extensive, highly-detailed database with billions of regularly updated records, accounting professionals can instantly retrieve relevant contact information, securing more time for their professional work.

Search Engine for Accounting Research - Advanced Data Collection

Advanced Data Collection

Even if someone’s cell phone number, physical address, or email are no longer active, our proprietary search tools can help to connect, cross-check, and validate various pieces of personal information from multiple sources. We support you by searching for valid contact data, date of birth, friends, business associates, relatives, neighbors, and more. InfoTracer helps accountants dive even deeper with reverse searches by name, address, phone number, and email.

Search Engine for Accounting Research - Stress-free Onboarding, Experienced Customer Support

Stress-free Onboarding, Experienced Customer Support

Our highly-skilled support team will help you from the start with a FREE $50 CREDIT. You can use it to test our features and see if they add value to your private investigation. Discover and weigh our service in complete confidence. Once you are comfortable with our lookup tools, you can switch to a pay-per-search price, without the burden of minimum commitments or monthly payments.

Search Engine for Accounting Research - Our Reports

Our Reports

By sourcing data from public records databases, court records, public tax information, or social media profiles, our powerful search capacity supports accountants who deal with missing or incorrect data. After every search, findings are cleverly organized in ample digital reports with fields such as first name, last name, aliases, date of birth, liens, assets, bankruptcies, marital status, relatives, homeownership status, and more.

Search Engine for Accounting Research - Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Running a search on InfoTracer as a first step could uncover a wealth of documents, public records, tax files, real estate records, or court filings that could be instrumental for tracing secret assets. By examining all the data, accountants could yield valuable clues about the value and whereabouts of someone’s wealth.

Narrow down your searches and simplify your investigative journey by tapping into our registered database of 5 billion records. Update your workflow with one of the most exact and synced databases of current and chronological data that covers more than 96% of the US adult population. We deliver direct access to the pertinent information your business needs. Our searches may include:

  • Names and aliases
  • Phones and emails
  • Bankruptcies
  • Lienholders, debtors
  • Judgments
  • Criminal records
  • Properties and assets
  • Current and up to 20 years of past address history
  • National and State Court searches
  • US corporate and professional affiliations
Search Engine for Accounting Research - Account Receivables Management Made Easy

Account Receivables Management Made Easy

Manually chasing debtors or late payments can leave accountants feeling demotivated, exhausted, and frustrated. By using InfoTracer’s suite of instant people search tools and reverse lookups, now they can easily locate debtors, put together the latest contact information which helps to get ahold of them, recover the money they owe, or ensure they will pay their dues on time. Our search makes forensic accounting easier, by simplifying and speeding up the search process.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Enjoy progressive data coverage, validation, and aggregation without compromising on privacy. Your straightforward access to all federal, state, county, municipal databases and qualified technology is always SOC2 security compliant, keeping you safely informed 24/7.