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Social Security Number Lookup - Powerful SSN Validator

Does your business require quick and reliable validation of Social Security Numbers against people’s names? Minimize your SSN-checking efforts and maximize the efficiency of every SSN verification. Tap into our database of 5 billion records to narrow down findings among the Social Security Administration records in the best possible way.

Insurance companies, law firms, government agencies, and private enterprises may all benefit from using our SSN check services for any US social security number. By running a quick social security number validation through our proprietary search technology’s SSN lookup tool, you’ll find it extremely easy to e-verify relevant data, including:

  • A person's Name, Age, Date of Birth
  • SSN info
  • Address History
  • Associated Emails and Phone Numbers
  • Relatives & Associates
  • Driver's License
  • Background Report
  • And More!

InfoTracer Business provides an outstanding opportunity to electronically verify the information provided by a person against records available to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and thousands of legitimate databases. Users can validate SSN and multiple other data points with a simple social security validator. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, a small business, a large enterprise, a non-profit, or a governmental agency, our SSN Checker tool promptly facilitates the most reliable, hassle-free, and immensely useful access to all the SSN-related checks you need, exactly when you need them.

Social Security Number Lookup - About InfoTracer

About InfoTracer

For more than 11 years InfoTracer has been persistently assisting customers who try to make sense of intricate, confusing, and often contradicting data extracted from numerous databases. With our leading-edge proprietary technology, we permanently facilitate seamless access to billions of SSN records. Our up-to-date data records allow our customers to save time and focus more on growing their customers or on enhancing business performance. By helping them put together and verify the most significant personal information meticulously sourced from thousands of wide-reaching public and private databases, we fast-track their success.

Social Security Number Lookup - Quick Onboarding, Outstanding Customer Support

Quick Onboarding, Outstanding Customer Support

Right from the moment you join us, our professional customer support team will offer you a FREE $50 CREDIT. Use it to test our social security number verification service or any other searches. Take your time to explore and make the most of our service risk-free. Once you’re comfortable with our dashboard and our lookup features, you can opt for a straightforward pay-per-search special price per SSN Search. No monthly costs, hidden fees, or other strings attached.

At every step, a highly experienced member of the InfoTracer friendly team is here to offer help, advice, and answer your questions, making sure your highest SSN validation needs are solved in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our role is to make everything easier while you're making the best use of our offering.

Privacy Guaranteed

Enjoy world-leading data coverage, validation, and gathering without compromising on your privacy. The access to all accredited technology and federal, state, county, municipal databases is SOC2 security compliant to make sure you stay safely informed at all times.